Crabby Morning

Up at 4:00am this morning, so was JB. We kinda crashed last night at 7:00am, so it wasn't suprising. So I hit the beach beach early and after a while I could see that there wasn't gonna be a colorful sunrise. So I grabbed a box that was sitting on the beach and immediatly a little crab popped up and started staring at me. I said good morning, and the crab didn't split.

So I say WTF and start re-setting my camera for a closeup, figgering the crab is gonna split any second. I mean he was sitting right between my feet looking up at me. So I get a high ISO, switch to aperture priority and knock down the fstop, set to auto focus.......crab still sitting there just looking at me. So I just drop the camera down one handed next to him and start firing away freestyle.

He let me pop about 20 exposures before he got bored and took off.

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