Working Weekend

Went out to Honey Grove this past weekend to mess around on the farm. Got the BrushHog hooked up on Jacki's tractor, Cleared maybe ten acres of weeds and worked on the site for my new pole barn.

I finally decided to erect a pole barn for the solar system. I will use the roof to mount the solar panels and will have lots of usable space for parking tractors or maybe a workshop.

My buddy Dave made me a burning stove out of an old truck wheel and some angle iron. I was carrying it in the front bucket while I was mowing some fielcs with my JD 3020. Anyway, it popped out of the bucket and I ran over it with the 6 foot brush hog......I thought I blew the thing up. The BrushHog cut the three angle iron legs right off.....and then the shear pin broke, saving my machine. Quite a noise.

Also took some photos of Port Royal which is the town closest to the farm. Not a whole lot goin on there. Quiet.

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