Closing the Farm

I drove out to PA this past weekend to shut down the well and drain the water system in the small cabin. I have to climb a ladder down into a very tight hole, maybe 10 ft down. It is a bit unsettling. I had Jen up top keeping an eye on me just in case.

I was pleased to see that Merv had harvested the soy bean crop and the fields look great. Merve even had some equipment out to remove rocks.

Also had a talk with Jen's dad about raising Black Angus cows in the spring. Looks like I'm gonna put up a 6 strand wire fence (with some strands electrified) and Jen's dad is going to get us maybe a half a dozen cows to start. We'll add a few more each year.

Farming is done, we head out for SBH on Saturday.

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